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Enetek Power

We believe that customer focus is a key contributor to the success of a business, and this includes maintaining effective customer relationship before, during and after our products and solutions are delivered.

We acknowledge a shared responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint as well as decrease our reliance on unsustainable energy generation resources. To achieve this, we are constantly driving innovation in new products and soutions that address these global concerns.

We understand and embrace technical, fiscal and ethical change, which are the only constants. Continual transformation is the only way forward to improve and grow.

To achieve our belief, we continually renew ourselves. Renewal means refining our skills to meet market demands, embracing new ways, innovating technologies, and adapting to our customers' needs, as we both grow to achieve our goals.


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A little red dot in South East Asia, it is a country famed for its cleanliness, economic strength, rich human resources and political stability. As the global HQ of the organization, the Singapore team comprises of a group of highly enthusiastic and experienced professionals that provides the engineering, operational and sales support to the direct customers and global channels.


A Scandinavian country whereby the aurora borealis are regularly spotted, the group in our regional HQ in Europe heads the global R&D team with the aim to develop technologies that encompass smart power flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow. This team embraces continual transformation and renewal to adapt to the world's constant changes. In addition, the highly effective management team works very closely with the global HQ team to steer the organization towards excellence.

Hong Kong

We understood the need for cost effective, quality and reliable solutions and our team in Hong Kong provides a strategic link between the producers and users. A great sourcing team ensures that products and solutions will be delivered reliably and on-time.


Enetek understands the importance of local culture and we have build a team of local channels in Philippines to meet to the local needs of our clients. This greatly opens up opportunities through our local strategic marketing and networking.


As our market expands to the far east, we have set up a team of professionals that are effectively equipped to support the activities throughout the APAC region. This includes local sales, logistical, and service management. 


A country located in the north eastern corner of Africa and south western corner of Asia, it provides a bridge between the two diverse continents. From its strategic location, we see Egypt as a focal point for the our growing markets in the Arabic, Middle Eastern as well as part of the European regions.


An alternative producer country, Enetek is building a team of operational experts to support the system integration and logistics management activities, as well as local and regional sales within the "Land of Smiles" and the surrounding regions.