Moduflex+ Hybrid

The Moduflex+ hybrid series is designed using Enetek’s state of art high efficiency switchmode rectifier modules, solar converter modules as well as DC/DC converter modules. Coupled with the intelligent controller, the solution comes complete with the respective load and battery distribution, AC incoming as well as surge protection. The solution can be customized accordingly to specific requirements.

The user friendly SMU01 controller, coupled with its compact size and simple-to-operate interface, is highly adaptable and provides the monitoring and management of the system solution.


- Remote Sites
- Macro BTS
- Microwave
- LTE/Wimax
- Broadband Access
- Optical Fibre Transmission System


- Compact and efficient
- Modular, scalable design
- Front access for ease of installation
- Highly efficient and reliable
- Easily customizable and configurable solution
- Wide input voltage range
- Remote and local monitoring