Eris Modular RMX (10-90kVA) online double conversion UPS

An online double conversion modular type UPS (10-90kVA) with options for 1-phase/1-phase, 3-phase/1-phase and 3-phase/3-phase configurations. It provides excellent power conditioning, high availability and efficiency,  modularity, as well as power and runtime scalability.


-Data Centres
-Computer Rooms
-Service Centres
-Rack and Distributed Servers
-Sensitive Electronic Equipment
-Precision and Intelligent Equipment


-True online double conversion topology
-DSP controlled technology
-Modular, Flexible, Hot Swappable and Scalable
-Intelligent battery management
-Intuitive touchscreen LCD display
-RMX series with flexible 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1 configuration
-Efficiency @ up to 95%