Enetek Power


TowerCo / ESCO

A power conversion specialist, Enetek Power Group has a diverse range of AC and DC power solutions that meet the power needs of many industries.


With the available range of products and solutions, coupled with products/solutions from the group’s sister companies, Enetek Power Group is proficiently equipped with in-depth technical know-how to provide innovative one-stop solutions for the different industries’ demands, including telecom tower sites and/or the Energy Services Companies.


The Energy Services Company (ESCO) business model for telecom has recently achieved launch velocity. In 2015, telecom ESCOs had contracts to manage about 8,664 cell sites, and over the subsequent three years, there have been a 251% growth in terms of the number of sites managed by ESCOs.


MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and towercos alike are increasingly recognizing ESCOs as proven business partners. They are able to deploy capex into long-term payback hybrid and renewable energy solutions, reducing energy opex and carbon footprints, while improving uptime and quality of service (QoS).


TowerXchange forecasts that the ESCO industry will have its 50,000th site during 2021, reaching 67,300 sites worldwide by 2024.


In addition to just providing smart power conversion solutions, Enetek Power Group has also embarked on developments that focus on increasing the “smartness” of the energy + infrastructure solutions, a term we coin as "Smart Tower" . The objective is not to just provide a platform for sharing the managed sites, but also make available the capacity to allow the ESCOs to manage the overall cost, performance and quality.


In a typical power solution for telecom tower, it consists of mainly 5 key building blocks, namely the energy resource management, structure management, security management, environmental management and safety management.


Energy Resource Management



Enetek continues to develop smart power conversion products, as well as expanding our portfolio into integrating different types of energy resource channels and energy storage technologies to provide a cost-efficient total solution.


Within the energy resource management building block, smart PDUs and energy meters are used extensively to control and optimize the different input resources through the implementation of various IoT devices. Energy usage are also managed through smart IoT implementation to facilitate the relevant data analytics.


Structure Management



Enetek regularly partners with the different experts of the industries to develop tower site solutions to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness in both construction and implementation. The aim is to reduce the TCOs of each site implemented.


Security Management



Tower sites are usually located in out-of-urban areas or remote locations. Security management with data analytics are critical to remotely manage the site. With these data, unnecessary site visits are reduced and this will result in the overall opex of the operations.


Environmental and Safety Management

Enetek Power, being part of the Eltek Holding Group, works closely with her different sisters’ companies and utilizes the different synergies available to continually improve the total site management system.

Additional IoT sensors for environmental and safety management can be incorporated easily into the site management system.

  • - Temperature, humidity, solar/wind (as applicable) and flood sensors
  • - Proximity and light intensity sensors
  • - Motion detection sensors
  • - Smart lighting system
  • - Gating system with date/time access data




Total Site Management

Moving forward with the technological development, incorporating the total site management system within a phone app is an on-going development.




Enetek’s solution is designed on the basis of our organization’s philosophy – Efficient, Trusted, Reliable. We believe in making power simple so that they can be implemented easily and effectively, as well as providing an ease of interaction and engagement between the users and "Smart Tower" solution.



Telecom Industries

The history of development of electrical telecommunication from the 19th century provided the platform for integrating peoples of different regions to stay in touch from afar. Up until today, it continues to offer the ease of connecting people together. Enetek’s range of AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) power systems are designed to secure mission critical telecommunication networks, providing efficient and reliable power to meet the industry’s demands.

Our power solutions are capable of safeguarding telecom assets for numerous different applications through the use of the flexible, modular and scalable system building blocks.


Typical applications include the main switching centres, core network power, wireless/wireline, macro/micro BTS, LTE/Wimax, broadband access, FTTX, optical fibre transmission system as well as remote power sites.

A power system solution comprises of essential component that includes the rectifiers, batteries, system controller, inverters as well as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and they are designed for easy connectivity with renewable energy sources.


In a basic DC power system, the rectifier converts AC to DC to provide power necessary to sustain the output load and charge the batteries.  Where AC power is required, the inverters will be used to convert the DC into uninterruptible AC. The system controller provides the relevant control, monitoring and management of the system solution and site infrastructure to maximize ROI, minimize TCO and secure near 100% uptime.


With continued advancement of technologies and through strategic collaborations with industries’ stakeholders, we aim to achieve the goal of delivering one-stop solutions.



Data Centre

Data centre is the brain where the most critical processes are administered. With the continued growth of big data to facilitate the advancement in technological development in virtual reality, artificial intelligence as well as sophisticated analytics, such facility requires reliable power infrastructure to meet the targeted 100% availability.

Enetek’s range of power products are designed to deliver the promise.


Power gets stranded in most data centres, making it challenging to deploy appropriate power to servers at the right time. Usually, allocated power is over provisioned, resulting in stranded capacity. Reclaiming stranded power enables an organization to extend the life of its data centre, thereby avoiding the CAPEX and the time required for a major upgrade or the construction of a new facility.

AC power infrastructure has been the core solution in this industry, but through advancement and technology transformation, DC power is proving to be a viable alternative for the IT networks. One added advantage of DC power is the ease of adding redundancy power including the use of renewable resources.

Enetek’s range of AC and DC power systems, coupled with the latest power fusion technology through strategic collaboration, offer both efficient power protection with unit level and system level redundancy, maximizing operators’ applications uptime and optimization of the OPEX and footprint.




Safe mass movement of people are critical assets to any nations. Enetek, together with its partners, develop and design power solution systems for various applications in the transportation industry, including signalling, cross control, in-cabin radio, displays, communications and security.


Air travel connects the globe, allowing exchange of ideas and cultures among different diverse groups of people. Integrity and availability of power supplies to radio and radar systems, runway lighting and illumination as well as other communication and safety devices are critical to air traffic safety.

All products and solutions for the transportation industries are designed to meet harsh requirements, and they undergo extensive environmental testing, safety approvals, design verification test (DVT) and HALT testing.


Reliability is key to ensure minimum disruption to the mission critical equipment, thus delivering seamless operations and services to the masses.



Power Utilities

Electrical energy generated from power plants are transmitted through the different electrical substations for distribution. The reliability of the electrical transmission network ensures that power is consistently distributed to the respective working equipment and end-users, providing the required level of safety for all on-going activities.


Enetek’s uninterruptible backup power solutions provide the continuous power to critical loads such as electronic controls, switchgears, communications and safety equipment within the power generation plants and substation.

From installation and commissioning, to life cycle maintenance and support, Enetek’s AC and DC power systems service is available to keep customers’ mission critical equipment at the highest level of availability and safety.

Enetek is committed to secure the power supply chain at all times with innovation and in the most reliable way that is simple to use for our customers.



Marine, Oil and Gas

As much as the world is aware of the consequences of utilizing this finite natural resource, it remains a commodity that continues to revolve around our daily lives. Whether we like it or not, our reliance on oil is still an open topic for continuous debate.


The team in Enetek has numerous years of experience in the development, design, supply, installation and commissioning of power solutions to the marine, oil and gas industries, both locally and in overseas.

We understand that power outages or interruptions are major risks in these industries, and the need for specific industry-standard designed solutions (DNV and BV approved products) is an absolute requirement to ensure safety, security and continued operations.


Mission critical equipment such as the PA system, integrated communication system, alarm system, command centre, sound reception and lighting are secured with Enetek’s specific industry-standard designed power solutions to ensure peace of mind for all relevant stakeholders.



Alternative Energies

Ensuring a liveable globe is a duty of all beings living on earth. According to scientists, global warming is at an ever-increasing rate and efforts are required from all to slow down this rate to ensure a sustainable future.


With the depletion of the ozone layer shielding the earth’s stratosphere, all living beings on earth share the same responsibility to reduce energy usage as well as the reliance on unsustainable energy geenration sources.


Our technologies can be easily integrated with alternative energy resources to meet the energy needs of the industries as well as playing a part in reducing carbon footprints.

Enetek’s range of power solution are designed to be easily integrated with multiple power sources, including various renewable energies and efficient energy storage system, with the aim to increase the availability of power to the mission critical implementation.


We have a team of expertise who works with respective stakeholders in the industry to formulate viable solutions to minimize energy losses as well as maxmise use of renewable energy resouruces without compromising the integrity of the protected assets.