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Enetek Power Group Pte Ltd, an entity owned by Eltek Holding


Eltek Holding plays an active role in Enetek Power, participating in the overall strategic planning of the organization. This enables the management team of Enetek Power to focus on delivering the goals.



Experience + Dialogue = Innovation



Industry knowledge and human interaction is key to achieve success. In Enetek, we work closely with customers to fully understand the project scope and uniqueness. This approach allow us to deliver fully customized solutions in an iterative process, cost efficient and with short lead time.




We are powerful experts and we create values together with customers



Enetek is a spin-off from different companies in the power conversion industry. We are a small team, but many of us have spent most of our career in the power industry. We have combined experience that is hard to match.


We move fast and adapt our solutions quickly to industry trends, providing our customers with the best possible solutions.


We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customer.





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"We embrace innovation, transform technology and deliver a high degree of reliability and environmental sustainability."



"At Enetek, we are committed to provide the highest degree of quality and excellence in every product, solution, service and endeavor of the company."



 Customer Focus 
 Environmentally Conscious



To develop good ground reputation and grow to become a key player in the related industry.
To establish a solid home base in singapore while expanding regionally.
To continually increase the asset and investment of the company and contribute to the growth of the local economy.
To maximise shareholders value while keeping in balance the social and environmental goals of the related stakeholders.
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