OD RRU (micropower 1kW with 20AH battery module)

The OD RRU 1kW/48Vdc micro power system is designed to meet the demanding power needs in high density urban and residential environment. The solution is equipped internally with a lithium battery module rated at 48Vdc/20Ah.

The solution, including the rectifier, controller, distribution and batteries, are housed in an IP65 rated enclosure with free-cooling design to ensure safe and reliable operation across all weather conditions.

The design supports both pole-mounted and wall-mounted implementations.


- Macro cell BTS
- Microwave
- LTE / WiMax
- Antenna Power
- Wireless
- Broadband Access


- Convection cool, no fans
- Simple installation
- Wide input and operating temperature range
- Highly efficient @ > 96%
- Remote monitoring