Outdoor Power Cabinet (OPC)

Enetek’s Outdoor Power System cabinet is designed for implementation in outdoor application for infrastructure and telecommunication projects. The cabinet can accommodate the power core, batteries, as well as accompanying telecom/Industrial equipment. The outdoor cabinet may operate as a standalone unit for customer’s equipment or integrated with power system and energy storage batteries.


- Radio Access Network
- Power Distribution
- Scada
- Cable TV
- Optical Fibre Transmission System
- Rail and Metro


- 19” Equipment Space
- Thermal Insulation
- Galvanised Steel Construction (Alu as Option)
- Flexibility in DC Power, Batteries and Equipment integration
- Cooling OptionsFan and Filter
     • Hex
     • Air condition (AC or DC)
     • Hybrid Cooling
- Cabinet Types
     • Wall mount
     • Single Bay
     • Dual Bay
- IP55
- Easy installation and Maintenance