Enetek Power Asia offers a wide range of services and e-care programs to meet your infrastructure support needs as well as the encompassing services and support.

In addition to the services from initial planning to commissioning, maintenance and repair, we have included supporting services like load bank rental, training and energy audit.


Energy Audit

Energy consumption matters have always generated interest amongst all industry sectors, not only on its immediate bearing on operating costs but also due to its significant impact on environmental sustainability.

An organization that can improve its energy efficiency will enjoy a sizeable business benefit – lowering operating costs as well as contributing to lower carbon emission to the environment. Enetek has thus developed a series of energy audit services to meet this objective for the industry sectors.

Enetek’s comprehensive energy management strategy aims to provide our clients with a clear overview of their energy consumption within their operations and facilities, thus enabling processes to be put in place to ensure continuous improvement in operational efficiency as well as identifying cost saving opportunities.

An audit flow typically comprises of the following processes.