Enetek Power Asia offers a wide range of services and e-care programs to meet your infrastructure support needs as well as the encompassing services and support.

In addition to the services from initial planning to commissioning, maintenance and repair, we have included supporting services like load bank rental, training and energy audit.


Load Bank Rental

Load testing is a type of power analysis survey conducted on the power system solution to determine the integrity of the system design.

Capacity load testing over a continuous period of time enables the evaluation of the specific voltages, currents, power consumption as well as the temperature of the conductors to assess overheating issues.

Enetek has a group of specially trained engineers and up-to-date equipment to facilitate the assessment of capacity load testing – providing relevant metrics on the design of the current carrying conductors in the system solution and conducting actual load test using load banks.

We have options of both DC rated resistive load banks as well as electronic load bank that is aimed at reducing at least 50% of the energy used for such capacity load testing.