Enetek Power Asia offers a wide range of services and e-care programs to meet your infrastructure support needs as well as the encompassing services and support.

In addition to the services from initial planning to commissioning, maintenance and repair, we have included supporting services like load bank rental, training and energy audit.



Suitably trained technical personnel can achieve the confidence and competency to provide support to the installed power system solutions, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing unnecessary downtime.

The art of dimensioning the system solutions is one critical part of the total system solution. If the power density is specified too low, it will lead to unpredictable performance like insufficient power, overloading and overheating issues, whereas if the power density is specified too high, initial cost and operating expenses will invariably be higher.

Our team of engineers can facilitate pre-sales and post-sales training to our partners, clients and end users of power system solutions, including topics on dimensioning of system solutions with relevant tools, product/site safety, product operation, product maintenance and product servicing.