Data Center

Data center is the brain where the most critical processes are run. The facility requires power that can count on and Enetek range of power products can deliver the promise. AC power has been the core solution in this industry, but DC power is also proving to be a viable alternative for the IT networks.



Power gets stranded in most data centers, making it challenging to deploy appropriate power to servers at the right time. Usually, allocated power is over provisioned, resulting in stranded capacity. Reclaiming stranded power enables an organization to extend the life of its data center, thereby avoiding the CAPEX and the time required for a major upgrade or the construction of a new facility.

Enetek’s range of AC and DC power systems, coupled with the latest Power Fusion technology from CE+T Power, offer both efficient power protection with unit level and system level redundancy, maximizing operators’ applications uptime and optimization of the OPEX and footprint.