Enetek Power Group Pte Ltd



Enyo Rack R11 (1-3kVA) online double conversion UPS

An online double conversion rackmount type 1-phase/1-phase UPS @ 1-3kVA, providing excellent voltage

ATS-216 and ATS-230 @ 16A and 30A

The rackmount automatic transfer switch (ATS) is designed to provide reliable redundant power. It ha


The Cellserve battery monitoring system is one of the industry leading battery health analysis solut

DC Power Distribution Unit

The DCPDU 100-150A (Type A & B) series power distribution unit is a basic PDU, providing a means of

e-one stand-alone inverter @ 350VA and 1000VA

E-one is a compact inverter providing a pure sine wave AC supply. Combined with a DC Power system, i

Echo I series @ power range from 0.6-3kVA

A highly reliable, cost efficient, coupled with good voltage conditioning UPS made for personal work